Friday, 28 September 2018

Forged bracelets : Singer, Remington & " Hibasi "

  A new series of 5 bracelets forged out of a Singer 28K from 1923 came out of the forge. This series is quite sick and heavy as our customer asked us to keep it that way. To this I added two more pieces forged out of a Remington Rand 17 type writer dating from 1946. For this one I used the steel rods were the page of paper was placed, a rod with numbers that remain on the forged bracelet. The last series of 3 is forged out of antique " hibachi " which are steel shopstick that were used to handel charcoals. This series has a brass screw upon the requeste of our customer. This time those series have actually been made under some request from Le Grand Magasin in Saint Remi de Provence.

From top to bottom / Forged bracelet from Singer 28K dating 1923 serial Number Y1003457 with the original screw from the swing machine / forged bracelet from a Remington Rand 17 type writer of 1946 with a small screw belonging to the singer 28 K . / Forged steel bracelet from antique Japanese shopsticks with a brass screw . 

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Forged bracelet " suite & evolution "

      A forged bracelet collection composed of a series forged out of very special steel. . .

  It was a long time ago planned project for which I need to aquire more knowledge in order to forged it well. It is after 6 years of forging many types of recycled steel and the quinching of those unknow steel gave me the knowledge to handel with confidence steel stuch the one used to make samurai swords. I need to thank Jean Michaux my friend & black smith that thought me much about quinching and propreties of steel. 

  I started last spring with the bloom of the cherry blooms in Tokyo. Collection on the Tokyo antique market the new material of this collection, I started to forged bracelets out of antique samurai sword steel in Sagamiko at the work shop  of the LABO Phenomena Factory, were I seeked addvice to my friend and black smith Kenjiro in order to forged this versatil & unquie steel.  I would not have started to work on this noble metal without the advice of my friend Kenjiro.  

           Eventualy I found 3 " Zanketsu " which referes in Japanese  to
           a katana Blade that has been cutter in 3 . Here a the images and 
           sign of 2 of the katna remain I founded on the antique markets
           in Tokyo. On with the name of the black smith carved in the 
           steel of the handel of the blade the other one with the name of 
           the place were the katana blade has been forged. 

  First step was to cut the " Zanketsu " in smaller parts that fit for making bracelets. I had quite a surprise were cutting it ! what take normay a few minutes to be cutter turned out to take a good half hour. Each blade showing different hardeness, one having particularly hard material in the inner part of the the blade. 


Then the magic starts! Light up the fire and slowly start to heat the
material. Each steel been made at a different time in history it has a different composition and need to been forged in a different maner. Here temperature and strength of the hamering is crucial, one mistake and the steel will split, working time is very limited as the range of working temperature is very small. It was very challenging  to forge this steel and eventually had to reweld at the forge some parts. During the forging I could strongly feel the properties of this steel that I never had touch before. A beautiful steel charged with history and knowledge.        

   3 days in Kenjiro's workshop were not enough to finish the collection. So the steel followed me into my workshop were I finished the collection of 13 pieces. A very rare and unique collection forged out of antique jappantes swords that at a time in history had belonged to a Samurai. Each bracelet is forged out of a different part of the blade. Some time using the handel with the sign or the " mune " back of the blade with it specific shape. Locking remain the as before with a screw of the flat of old swing machines. Finally patinated black with a natural japanese technique based on green tea.  

     Find the full collection online at :

Singer  27/127 
Serial Number : G959011
 Series of 4 bracelets forged out of steel axels of a 1922 swing machine. This machine has a storie. This Memphis or Egyptian model had been at a point of it history imported into Japan. It was originaly a mechanical machine that was working with the power of the feet of the operator. By time this swing machine has been adapted to work with an electric engine. Later on this machine has been been used by our grand mum to be left to take the dust until
we unbuilt it and transfored it into bracelets . . .

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Invitation private sales / Brusels

  We are please to invite you to Tabito Jewelry private sales. Be the most welcome to visit us at the Salon Velasquez in the center of Brussels. We will be presenting the first pieces of the new Autome / Winter collection of upcycled jewellery that past on the banch of the workshop. We will be there ,with the different lamps, " new présentoir" and new bizarre containers. Comme and get the chance to discover a treasure.  

Thursday : 17h / 20 H 
Friday : 11h / 20H

Saturday : 11H / 17H 

Salon Velasquez    38 rue des Chapeliers   1000 Bruxelles

Display for postcards.

Display stand for one or two post cards. 

                            To be placed on the counter of the Salon Vélasquez. Assembled with 
                         a iron casted knob from a stove, left over of a 50 mm. steel plate & a 
                         forged reinforcement steel rode. The knob has a screw that come to 
                         screw with the feet and looks with a bolt at the back. On the top left 
                         of the display stand you have the name of the salon pitched in the steel. 
                         A black patina with green tea has been applied and eventually the blue
                         tone remain from the heat treatment which give a very nice finish. 

Sunday, 13 May 2018

New " Hibashi " bracelets .

Hibashi bracelets new collection.

  A new collection of bracelets in brass, upcycled from vintage and
antique " Hibashi " . Hibashi is the name for brass shop sticks used to
handel hot charcoals that were use in a small cupboard dedicaced to the making of tea in japanese house.
In the past each japanese house had a stuc a cupboard composed of a tray, a few drawers and a fire place with charcoal inorder to boil water for the tea. Those " Hibashi " were one of the tools that were part of this tea set.
Those vintage and antique shop stick used to make those bracelets have been hunted on different antique makets in Tokyo and around. They traveled back to the forge and have been transformed in this collection of 1O small size bracelets. Collection that will grow until Spetember to be presented by Tabito Jewelry in it's AW collection at Bijorhca in Paris.

Forged bracelet Spring 2018

On going forged bracelets collection of 
 10 new bracelets for the " Salon Velasquez " 
in Brusels. 
Collection forger with steel rods and different 
rods coming from type writer and swing machines.
Scrap, vintage & antique steel have been used to make
this collection of 10 bracelets. 
Some lock with an old screw from a swing machine
and others close with a brassscrew.  

Monday, 26 February 2018

" Display stands "

   Weight display stands
   A small series of 3 display stands upcycled with antique weight in brass and steel rods for earrings or a necklace for the bigger one. Two other display stands with clips to hold a price, a card or a post card. This two last one are upcycled with small weights, steel rods & clip from old electric parts. 


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Bracelets & rings / New collection

                New forged bracelets 

                  First bracelets of the year. This time I received a Remington adding machine 
               from the 40's & had in stock a unbilted Remington Rand type writer from 1939.
               Out of the steel rods founded in those vintage machines I forged a séries of 9 
               bracelets with the adding machine and 2 bracelets with the typewriter. The 
               bottom picture show's you a bracelet of each collection. Adding machine on 
               the right & type writer on the left.  

The forged ring collection

  The forged ring collection is based on nails
from palettes rechaped into rings at the forge.
This year I  collected nails with striped patten
on them which after forging remained on the
steel. They are well patinated in black, and the
patina dose not fade away. Eventually if the
ring is worn every day, it will after some time
start to loose it patina to reveal  the shiny steel.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

invitation / private sales

   This is an invitation to Tabito Jewelry private sales. Be the most welcome to visit us. As well for those that follow the work of the forge ,with the different lamps, " présentoir" and bizarre containers, will have the opportunity to see a big part of all those objects. Many of them are already part of the Salon Vélasquez and more will be used as display and lighting during the private sales.  

Display case & bizarre containers.

Small vintage travel case transformed into a small
jewellery display. On the right a series of 2 containers
made from Bakelite electic sockets & binocular parts.
   A travel case fitted with a part of an old printers drawer, a little forged hook on the top right part of the case and linen fabric applied on isolation board so has to be abel to pin easily in it. This case and peintres drawer have founded a new fonctionality.
  The two peculiar containers  are containers that contain an other smaller container. For one an old ceramic pile case and for the other one an  antique Japanese glass flasque. Both bigger containers are assembled with parts coming from old theater binoculars and bakelite eclectric sockets with some decorative brass screws. Those objects are parts of a long series of containers in the same style.  

Monday, 20 November 2017

All seasons " Présentoire "

All seasons " Présentoire "

 A small but very useful stand to present earrings in all seasons. Composed of a steel base & clamp which allows to fix a tree branch of your choice according to the season.  

Monday, 23 October 2017

" Présentoir "

  New " présentoir "

  For post cards & visiting cards to fit next to the casher of Salon Velasquez in Brusels. Order made " présentoir " in steel & forged steel rods, on which I applied a black patina and waxed. The object is totaly Assembled with screws. The different parts are forged rods, steel square or rectangulaire bars, a few screws & a steel plate. As usual in all the object I make, every part can be desaembled allowing to eventually reuse each part for an other purpose. Infact this time the feets of this object are " rerecycled " originally forged out of a recycle renforcent bar, I never used them for the purposes they were forged for to finally find they purpose in this object.

Thursday, 28 September 2017



Containers series.

  4 upcycled containers in brass & glass, designed to 
contain any thing . Made from parts coming from old binoculaire, screws coming from rods that were used 
to hold carpets on stairs & a picture of 1955 of a 

  This series of 4 is a continuity of a long series of 
containers made mainlly from different brass &
 glass part.  The series has started with glass and 
different screws. It evoluated into the use of old brass 
electric sockets to now move on to brass binocular 
parts . They are not forged and they are not jewellery . 
How ever they could be concidered has jewellry for men.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Lamps / forge & vintage

  Tall forged Lamp.

   175 cm. tall forged lamp in steel brass and glass. Oirginaly made to light up our jewellery with day light bulbs. This lamp has been made with a heavy part coming from a tractor break for the base, 2 forged reenforcement steel rods on which the lights are fixed. The 2 lights are an assembly of vintage glass lamp shades, vintage brass electric sockets and binocular parts. One of the lamps is fix & the other can be rotated in different directions.

 Small Assembled Lamp 

  Smaller lamp in steel, brass & glass. This lamp is an assembly of a very heavy steel part on which different steel and brass pipe are screwed together. On top of that is fixed with 3 screws the rest of the  lamp which originally came from a bedside lamp that was broken, it basically need a new feet. 
At the end the 2 lamps give a very cosy atmospher.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Small " présentoirs " .

      A series of 3 small presentoires for earring manly and one for necklaces. All made from old parts   if sewing machines & typewriter with some forged steel for  one . 
  From write to left : 27 x 14 X  6 cm. stand made from a sewing machine part & a type writer part ; they screwed together. Center : &" x 10 x 6 cm . A steel plate as a basse, type writer axels and an other part for the rest. every thing is screw together. A small " présentoirs " for earrings. On the left:  made with parts from a sewing machine, an axel from a type writer & a forged rode from a sewing machine axel. 15 X 8 X 6.5 cm. Specially made from one pair of earrings only.  

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Bracelets suite ...

   Bracelets, collection of sewing machines & type writer.

   A unique collection of bracelets forged out of steel axels coming from antique and vintage sewing machines & a rare 18 " wide carriage steel rode coming from and vintage Remington type writer of 1922 . After collecting and unbuilding 3 very old broken sewing machines and the type writer all pieces have been recorder and each machine dated and identified. The first pictures are two bracelets forged out of parts from a Bernina 117 Suisse made in 1932, built only during 3 years it is know to be a strong machine. In did, by forging you realise the quality of the steel.

  This bracelets is forged out a steel axel from a german sewing machine dating between 1882 & 1914 sold under the name of Original Victoria it was a model with transverse shuttle,  serial number / 473470, The brass logo says it is a Mundlos B. firm was founded in 1863 in Magdeburg, Germany by Friedrich Heinrich Mundlos and Hermann Schulz 
  The screw that locks the bracelet here is made out of the top end of one of the steel axels found on the machine, the bracelets is forged out of one of thick the central axels of the machine . Only 4 pieces could be forged out of the parts found in the machine. 

Original Victoria 
Bracelet forged out an Original Wilson sewing machine. One pieces our of 4. 

Original Wilson / serial number 987987 / Belgium 1910 

  The Remington type writer bracelets. One piece out of a series of  4. In April 2016 I found a very peculiar type writer with an 18 " steel rode, quite large, caring number on it. It was a heavy piece, but I carried back to my atelier. After inquiry I was informed that this is a rare type writer that was used by journaliste to actually type the news paper ... Well I forged a series of bracelets out of it that still carry those numbers. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the machine. In this collection I used screws from sewing machines as they do a perfect job to lock the bracelet.

Bernina 117 dating 1932  / before & after unbuilding 

Friday, 13 January 2017


Screw rings

  A series of rings forged out of screws and treated as usual with green tea and waxed. There are the continuity of the forged nail rand screws rings. This time I cut of the head of the screws before forging them in order to focus on patten of the thread. Surprisingly the edges of the thread those not disturb and doesn't create any discomfort. I am working with old rostered screws, so finally each ring is different. It is at the same time difficult to gather rostered screws. Strangely it is easier to find old nail ... 

A little vieux on the work in progress 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

" Presentoire "

Metal work, forge & upcycling .
   Présentoir that rotate, to be used to carry brushes .  
An object made with a casted cover of a coal stove, bearing found in a sewing machine, the top part  of a gaz tank, 3 steel rodes forged to the desired shape. As usual every part hold together thanks to screws. The object has black patina in some parts and left grey in other parts of the gaz tank to create  a contrast between inside and out side. 


Thursday, 24 November 2016


Brass containers . 

  A series of containers come out of the atelier recently. It is upcycling, the are made with all rest overs of the making of earrings and pendants. All those old brass electric socket, brass parts from binoculars have been screwed and just fitted together to create this series of containers. I used as well a wide range of screws coming from all those machines I unbuild. The screws range from sewing machine to decorative screws for stairs carpet, alarm clocks . . . At the end the containers can be opened in different ways for some making it like a secret box has you'r not really sure which part open or not .

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

day light lamp

   Daylight lamp to work during the dark days of the winter.
From bottom to top : a pulley, 4 forged steel rods, 3 screws & 2 butterfly screw, different parts from old lamps and a glass part coming from an old lamp too. The " bulb " is a led giving day light.
 The 2 butterfly screws allow to move the lamp in different positions which is very  useful. On the middle part there is a forged rod to hold the electric wire so it drops well . This part is fixed with a screw, this allows to move it and get the electric wire passing on the right or the left. The pulley been quite heavy compare to the rest of the lamp it allows to play with the main arms and get it straight or horizontal .